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LazyCam Z-Optimizer for Mach3
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Ball bearing hinge
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Mortising jig
Cyclone separator lid w/ cyclone separator baffle
Router table circle jig
Audible tension gauge
Sliding doweling jig
BT3000 table saw
Woodcraft wet grinder
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This is not a blog...
And I won't be contributing daily.  My interests range from computing (hardware and programming) to music (more on that in the future) and audio equipment (goes hand in hand with music) and woodworking.  I intend to use this page to describe some of the projects I've completed and maybe even some I'm working on.

Description of projects...

Thien Cyclone Separator Lid w/ Thien Cyclone Separator Baffle.  By far the most popular project I've posted here.  Since originally posting (11/24/2007), the page has accumulated well over 100,000 hits.  My best estimate is that there are now over one-thousand woodworkers around the world that have built their own from information on my page, and the discussion forum.

Thien Router Table Circle Jig.  If you are going to make separator lids and baffles, you need good circles.  This device allows me to rough-out a circle on my bandsaw, then trim the edges for a perfect circle.  Not only that, but I can make minute adjustments (reductions) to the diameter.  Try that with a bandsaw circle jig!  Originally posted 12/30/07.

Thien Audible Tension Gauge.  When I wrote this, my current bandsaw (a little Delta 10" BS150LS) had no tension scale.  Instead, the manual instructed the user to twist the tension knob a different number of times depending on the size of the blade.  Of course, the manual only went to 3/8" wide blades, and the blade I wanted to use was 1/2" wide.  Not only that, but we've all heard the stories of the hopelessly inaccurate scales on saws that do feature them.  So I decided to tackle the problem from another direction.  Originally posted 12/13/2009.

Thien Sliding Doweling Jig.  Dowels can be a great (albeit kinda slow) way to join wood.  I have used several different kinds during my life.  I finally just made my own.  Originally posted 3/7/2008.

My Ryobi BT3000/BT3100/BT3K table saw.  As I update this site, I simply cannot believe I originally created this page nearly five years ago.  This is still my only table saw, and while I know this is the table saw that woodworkers love to hate, I have had a love affair with mine.  I plan to update this page with the saw in its current form, so stay tuned.  Originally posted 9/9/2006.

The Woodcraft Horizontal Wet Grinder.  My Inca 410 jointer/planer knives required sharpening.  I could either take them to a grinding shop and spend about $15 each time I needed them sharpened, or I could figure out how to do it myself.  I had a real incentive not to send the knives out, and you can read all about it on this page.  Updated a little 6/15/06, originally posted 6/12/2006.


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